Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy policy under article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679

Studio MMVN & ASSOCIATI, as data controller, would like to inform you that the UE Regulation 2016/679 establishes the protection of natural persons and other subjects in relation to the processing of personal data.
According to the above-mentioned law, the treatment is shaped around the principles of correctness, legitimacy and full transparency of your privacy and rights.

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In accordance to article 13 of the Regulation, we provide you the following information:

1. Identity and contact information of the DATA CONTROLLER
The subject in charge of the treatment is Studio MMVN & Associati in the person of Ms. Nicoletta Morrione – via Gonzaga 7 – Milano 20123 (MI);

2. Contact information of the supervisor for protection of personal data
The Subject in Charge of the Treatment has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted at the headquarters of our Studio or by email at the following address:

3. Purpose and juridical foundation of the Treatment.
During their average work, the applications destined to the operation of this Site could notice some of your data (whose transmission is implicit in the use of the internet communication protocol), which are not directly linked to you in any case. Including but not limited to IP address, names of the domain and the type of browser employed to log on the Site, the address of the requested resources in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained as a reply, the numerical code indicating the state of the reply given by the server (positive ending, error, etc.) and other parameters regarding the operating system and the IT environment employed. Anyway, these data do not permit to attain your identity and therefore should be considered anonymous.
Your data are converted into nameless data and processed in an aggregate way for statistical purposes, to ensure continuous service and to improve the performance of the Site.
If you do not agree with this procedure, please do not browse the Site and, least of all, avail yourself of the services it offers. In some cases, the IP could be used exclusively to halt either any attempt to damage the Site, or any activity against the applicable laws.

4. Modality of data treatment and data chronology
The data you provided are gathered by the Site and processed exclusively for the time needed.
They are processed in an electronic way and aggregated for the above-mentioned purposes.
In order to surf the Site, you should not provide any personal data besides nameless ones, which are essential to the above-mentioned purposes. Nevertheless, there could be some sections within the Site, which demand the creation of an authorization profile and a previous IT authentication in order to access to them. The creation of this profile implies the communication of some further personal data, beyond nameless ones – required for ordinary surfing -, to the Site. These data are used only to supply the services you should require; they are processed according to the Privacy policies specifically predisposed as detailed below.

5. Categories of potential recipient of personal data.
The direct access to your data is allowed only to the above-mentioned Subject in Charge of the Treatment.

6. Times of retention of personal data.
The data you provided will be retained by Studio MMVN & Associati for the time needed to accomplish the demanded services.

7. Concerned Person’s Rights.
At any time, you can get access to your contact information, ask for its amendment or erasure, respectively under articles 15, 16 and 17 of the EU Regulation 2016/679.
By virtue of articles 18, 20 and 21 of the same Regulation, not only have you the right to request a restriction of the treatment and the portability of data related to you (if applicable), but also to contest to their treatment, under lawful reasons.
The above-mentioned rights can be exercised directly towards Studio MMVN & ASSOCIATI by regular mail to: Studio MMVN & Associati via Gonzaga 7 – Milano 20123 (MI).
At the same addresses it is also possible to ask for further information, including the contact number of the possible Treatment Officer.

8. Complaints to a Juridicial Authority.
If the reply to your petition to exercise one or more of the rights established by the regulation on the subject of protection of personal data of the previous paragraph is not provided within the specified time or is not satisfying, you can file complaints with a Juridicial Authority or the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Cookies’ Policy

This Site uses cookies, namely small-sized files that are downloaded by a device when the user enters a specific Web Sites.

Cookies permit to a Web Site to identify the user’s device, outline its web surfing through the various pages of a Web Site and recognise those users that had already browsed a particular Site. Cookies do not include information which identifies the user personally; the personal information related to the user that they allow to archive, can be linked to information got and kept by cookies.

Cookies are divided into four groups, as follows:
Browsing Cookies
This type allows to identify the displayed language accurately during the surfing period.
These cookies also permit to create an account and to log in. They are necessary for the Site to work precisely.
Functional Cookies
They are employed to keep a trace of the products added to cart, during the surfing or following visits, within a defined period. These cookies are necessary for the Site to work precisely.
Analitycal Cookies
Some tools which analyse internet flow exploit this kind of cookies, e.g. Google Analytics.
They permit to examine users’ browsing modality in order to understand users’ fruition of the Site. Data are collected anonymously.

Cookie for marketing/re-targeting
Third companies exploit these cookies to allow the visualisation of banners in affiliated external sites. The products displayed will be similar to those previously presented on the present Site.
Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session (the interval between the opening and the closing of a window by the user) or can be stored for a much longer period.
Indeed, there exists:
– Session cookies
Session cookies allow to relate the user’s actions during a browsing session. They expire when the session ends and therefore are not kept for a long time. For this reason, session cookies may be considered less invasive than permanent ones, as far as privacy is concerned.
– Permanent cookies
They are stored in the user’s device between two browsing sessions and permit to save the user’s preferences and actions in relation to a specific site (or, sometimes, in relation to more than one site).

Every third party’s cookie and any link through which the user can receive more pieces of information and demand the disabling of cookies are listed below:
Google Analytics

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Browsers usually accept cookies automatically, in any case it is always possible to disable this function and remove them through the browser settings at any time. The modality changes according to the type of browser and its version; thus, we recommend to refer to the guidebook or the help session of your software.

Microsoft Windows Explorer
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The disabling of third parties’ cookies is also possible by following the instruction directly provided by the third party in charge of the treatment.

Cookie used on this site:


Name Time Company Scope
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